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Changelog For "Classic WoW Fishing Profession Guide & Leveling 1-300"

  • 2 days ago: minor edits, note on STV fishing extravaganza By Quissy
  • 2 days ago: added intro and coords By Buuloki
  • 7 days ago: minor edit By Quissy
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  • 20 days ago: Removed a fishing vendor who doesn't offer training. By perculia
  • 21 days ago: Minor Edit By perculia
  • 21 days ago: Reorganized the guide with a new 'how to catch fish' section, and added more trainers to the Apprentice/Journeyman list. By perculia
  • 26 days ago: Minor Edit By Anshlun
  • 2019/08/11 at 2:07 PM: edited title and keywords By Quissy
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