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Changelog For "Pingaan's guide to raiding"

  • 2019/07/01 at 1:20 PM: Corrected enchants for casters, healers, hunters and ferals in pp1-p2. Updated prot paladin pp1-pp2. By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/28 at 4:29 AM: bear - fallen defender p6, dark heart p4, restless dreams p4, lava belt spriest p3, cloak of the brood lord p3, jade inlaid vestments p4. Fixed enchants for bears, bears cats and hunters. By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/24 at 3:29 PM: Update: A lot of corrections: pp2-p3 healing neck, a ton of bear items pp1-p4, resto druid wrists pp1 and boots p3-4 (for 3-set bonus), caster gloves pp1-p2, fury warriors p6 shroud of dominion instead of cloak of the scourge, holy priest pp1-pp2 shoulders, resto shaman pp1 shoulders, prot paladin p4 boots, p3-5 weap, p5 bracers, prot warrior (defense, non-orcs) weap p3-4, ring p4. By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/21 at 12:10 AM: Update: Corrected the chest for elemental shamans and balance druids in pp1/2. Tunic of the Crescent Moon doesn't drop until "1.10". By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/17 at 4:11 PM: Update: Removed 1h enchants from phys dps classes pre-BWL. 15 agi/str are not implemented until BWL hits. Also from peer pressure I changed the feral druid enchants from striking to agility/str and with this removed the weight/sharpening stones. By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/13 at 3:00 PM: update By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/13 at 6:36 AM: update By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/13 at 6:35 AM: update By pingaan1
  • 2019/06/12 at 5:11 PM: update By pingaan1
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