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Changelog For "Classic WoW Frost Mage Leveling Guide & Best Leveling Talent Build 1-60"

  • 2020/04/16 at 2:29 PM: minor edit By Paryah
  • 2020/04/15 at 12:20 PM: ToC review, minor edits, seo edits By Paryah
  • 2019/11/09 at 6:27 PM: Reworked the rotation, emphasizing the importance of your Mage Armor, added Mage Armor ranks to the to-buy list and reworked the stat priority. By Woah
  • 2019/10/18 at 6:47 AM: Minor Edit By Anshlun
  • 2019/10/16 at 9:22 AM: Improved the Rotation section, adding your Mage Armor to the list of buffs to keep, clarifying some of the text, and making the regular AoE rotation clear, as well as pointing out the guide for the extended AoE talents / rotation / spots. By Woah
  • Status set to Approved: 2019/10/15 at 6:44 PM