Legion Build 22201 Data Updates

Legion Build 22133 Data Updates and New Music

Legion Build 22018 Data and Transmog Updates

Legion Build 21996 Data Updates: New Music, Suramar Dungeon Loot, Illidan Memories Quests

Legion Beta Build 21874: Spell Changes and Highmountain and Sanctum of Karazhan Music

Legion Beta Build 21846 Data Updates: Login Screen, Legion Main Title Music, World Quest Reputation Requirement

Legion Beta Build 21796 Data Updates

Legion Beta Build 21737 Data Updates - Order Hall Armor Models, Wartome of the Sharpened Mind

Legion Build 21691 Data Updates: Movie Transmog Rewards, Defiled Reins and Leyfeather Hippogryph Mounts

Legion Alpha 5/5 Design Notes, Spell Tuning Updates, Stormwind Park Rebuilt, Legion Login Screen, Horde Broken Shore (Spoilers)

Legion Build 21570 Data Updates - Order Hall Armor Set Models, Dark Whispers Capital City Event, Stormwind Park to be Rebuilt

Legion Build 21531 Data Updates - New Demon Hunter Tier 19, Artifact Knowledge and Power System, PvP Mounts and Pets

Legion Alpha Build 21491 Data, New Items, Salvage Yard Changes, Calculator Updates

Legion Build 21414 Data Updates: Spell Changes, New Winter Veil Toy, Illidan Model

Legion 3/30 Build Design Notes and New Models - Doomhammer Offhand, Horse Mounts

Legion Alpha 21287 Spell Updates, Achievements, Pirate Day Loot, Scarlet Crusade Transmog

Legion Alpha: 21287 Build Design Notes, Blue Posts, Misc Spell Changes

Legion Alpha 21249 Data Updates: Transmog Achievements, Spell Changes, Build Design Notes

Legion Alpha Build 21215 Data Updates: Spell Changes, New Models, Level 110 PvP Premades

Legion Alpha Build 21134 Data Updates: Spell Changes, Garrison Gold Nerfs, Fel Core Hound Mount