Quick Facts

The Last Element

Travel to Blackrock Depths and recover 10 Essence of the Elements. Your first inclination is to search the golems and golem makers. You remember Vivian Lagrave also muttering something about elementals.
Essence of the Elements (10)


There is work to be had for those venturing into the depths, <name>.

The Dark Irons have mastered creation of extremely powerful golems.

Initial reports from our spies indicate that the dwarves use a unique power source to give their creations incomparable killing power.

Just imagine what we could do with our abominations if we could get our hands on this essence of the elements! Turn that city upside down if you must, but do not return until you have found the essence! Payment will be worth the risk.


You will receive:
Lagrave's Seal


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: