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Winterfall Activity

Salfa wants you to kill 6 Winterfall Totemics, 6 Winterfall Den Watchers, and 6 Winterfall Pathfinders.
Winterfall Totemic slain (6)
Winterfall Den Watcher slain (6)
Winterfall Pathfinder slain (6)


The Timbermaw tend to stay to themselves, <name>. While we do allow safe passage to those that have proven they can be trusted, we try to avoid other furbolg tribes if at all possible.

Lately I have noticed that the Winterfall tribe has become increasingly hostile towards us. They seem to be in a state of rage, completely engulfed by their own fear and hatred of anything they do not understand.

If you could reduce their numbers this would help us greatly, <name>.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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